Two Harmless Randos

Creativity, Imagination, and Manifestation!

May 21, 2023 Mary Hoyt Kearns, PhD and Christine Szegda, M.Ed. Episode 6
Two Harmless Randos
Creativity, Imagination, and Manifestation!
Show Notes

If we are put on this earth with the purpose of creating, then, what does creativity look like in everyday life? From building a garden, to teaching, to healing grief, to exploring outer space, to making art using AI, Mary and Christine explore the ways in which what we imagine can become real.

“Let your imagination have full sway. Build it up until it is filled daily and hourly with the pictures that the lessons of the past and the trials of today suggest to your consciousness. Then analyze these imaginary things, select the best, and take them into the laboratory of your creative powers. Let the divine consciousness flowing through you reconstruct them, radiate them, and bring them to pass in your life and in the lives of those around you, thus adding to the world the assets of the future and the beautiful things of human evolution."
H. Spencer Lewis

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(Erratum: It's David Bohm, not Richard like I mistakenly say in this episode!)

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